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Voices From Our Community // Melissa Akkaway

Voices From Our Community // Melissa Akkaway
Our community exisits to empower,
and we don't accomplish anything alone.
Mellisa Akkaway


Highlighting the voices of our Parker Clay community.

Hi Melissa! So first off, where are you based and what do you do?

Hi! I live in Malibu, California with my 2 little boys, my husband, and our new dog, Blondie. I created The Particulars, which is basically a blog that focuses on personal styling and accessories, but also interviewing and storytelling with female entrepreneurs and founders. I was working in retail for eight years, but wanted to spend more time with my kids while still being involved with my fashion community, and this is how I found the balance! I also own and operate a handful of restaurants in Las Vegas; Holsteins, Flour & Barley, and a fun little pop-up, Haute Doggery.

Tell us a bit more about The Particulars – what does it mean and where did it come from?

So coming from a retail background; owning and operating stores, working with so many clients over the years, delving into e-commerce… beyond clothing, we discovered that so many people prefer to shop for accessories and actually come to appreciate their extra "particulars" more than the big pieces. We believe those particulars are what make you who you are… how you express and style yourself!

I also love that these small accessories often aren't bought, but instead handed down from mothers and grandmothers and beyond, which adds a really special dimension to making your particulars really yours – those stories are really fun to share.

How do you define community? What is the power of community?

For me, community is where you live, it's where you have your roots. It might be your neighborhood, your friends, your kids' school… but for me, community just means coming together. Leaning on each other, inspiring each other, and just being together is what creates a community. When it comes to The Particulars, I think we've built a community of driven, like-minded women and I've seen the power of that community – accomplishing so much more when we share our passions and unite behind them.

You do a lot of work in supporting other women-owned businesses – why do you feel that that's important?

Drawing on my own past, I think it's incredibly important to support other women. I think it's something we do naturally – I love to lift people up, offer advice… I don't think we gain anything by being withholding or secretive when it comes to lending your expertise to those asking for it. I think it's also worth recognizing people that are driven and focused and willing to put the work in, and if some support or advice is all they need to bring an amazing company, community, and set of values or ethics to life, then it's definitely worthwhile.

And what makes you proud to be a part of the Parker Clay community?

Just understanding where Parker Clay started and where it's been in the last seven years – it's truly the idea of "creating with purpose". Lifting women up out of situations, creating productivity and purpose for them, and building opportunities that we so often take for granted, living where we live… being involved with something like that is so important. I also think that we're all becoming much more demanding as customers when it comes to asking "Where is this made?", "How is this made?" – Parker Clay is a brand leading the way there.

What is one small way you work to affect positive change each day?

I'm involved in a few charities, Make-A-Wish being one that I work with very often, another being Baby2Baby here in Los Angeles, so for me it's just about the little things you can do every day to support your community. Whether you're writing a big check or just giving up a small amount of time from your day – both contribute towards making your community better.

What is one hope you have for the future?

I think more care for our environment, especially working as a community to be more aware of our consumption and how we dispose of it. Our oceans and land are so important, and educating everyone on how best to take care of it is vital. Definitely here in the US, but also in countries around the world that don't necessarily have systems of waste management, recycling, etc… helping them to educate and implement ways of protecting our natural environment for the next generation would go a long way.


Stay tuned for more interviews and stories coming soon, placing the spotlight on the faces and voices of our worldwide Parker Clay community.



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Hear more from Melissa @The.Particulars

Stay tuned for more interviews and stories coming soon, placing the spotlight on the faces and voices of our worldwide Parker Clay community. Learn more about Parker Clay's Impact here