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Leather Care Products

Premium Leather Conditioner — The Finest Leather Deserves the Best Care

All our leather goods are made from full grain handcrafted Ethiopian leather and are guaranteed to last your lifetime. But that doesn't mean they don't need taking care of! Maintain your leather with quality leather care products to keep it supple and in clean condition.

Why does leather need to be conditioned?

When you purchase a Parker Clay genuine leather product, you're making an investment. It's important to protect your product with the proper care.

As genuine leather ages, it develops a gorgeous patina that is unique to each individual hide. But with age also comes exposure to the elements, dirt, and stains. This can cause it to dry out and look dusty or brittle. If not treated, dryness can lead to cracking, which is very difficult to repair once it's there.

Leather looks its best when it is soft and supple.  Treating your leather properly with leather cleaners and conditioners will not only restore your leather's luster and make it look clean, it actually prevents damage from aging. 

Our leather waterproofing spray can also make your leather water-resistant to protect it from stains, residue, and water damage. You don't have to wait until your leather starts showing signs of wear to treat it. Conditioning new leather provides protection from the start.

Quality Ingredients for Your Leather

When your leather is looking dry and thirsty, don't settle for one of those generic leather care products you grab from a local hardware store and hope for the best. At worst, cheap products may damage the leather, and at best, they just won't provide the smooth solution you're looking for. DIY products like cooking oils also carry risks of harming or over-saturating your leather. Avoid these types of leather care products and only use quality leather cleaner and conditioner designed for premium leather.

Our Parker Clay product care formulas are the best leather conditioners. They are free of harmful ingredients and specially made with all-natural beeswax and lanolin mixed with a unique blend of seed oils and naturally occurring lipids.

Tips for Using Leather Care Conditioner

If your leather product has any removable straps or accessories, remove them before beginning the cleaning and conditioning.

First,  wipe the surface with a damp cloth (preferably a microfiber towel) to remove dirt and grime residue. You may also want to apply a light coat of leather cleaner. Once clean, let the leather completely dry before applying the conditioner.

Apply a small dime-sized amount of leather conditioner to a clean microfiber cloth or a soft pad. Our round leather conditioning pad is ideal for this application – it is gentle and will help the conditioner go on evenly. 

While all our leather care products are 100% safe for your leather, you may want to test a small spot and let it sit for an hour to see how heavy of a layer you want to apply. Leather often appears darker after moisturizing.  Once the test is complete and you are satisfied with the result, gently apply the conditioner to the entire leather surface, rubbing it in a circular motion.

Our leather conditioner provides long-lasting protection and hydration, but you'll want to continue to maintain your leather products with a conditioning treatment any time they show a sign looking dry or faded. 

Get the Complete Set of Leather Conditioner Products in Our Leather Care Kit

If you're purchasing your first Parker Clay leather product, be sure to add on our leather care kit that includes all three of our best leather care products so you can keep it soft and healthy from the start.

Or maybe you didn't protect your leather when you first got it—it's not too late to start! Restore your leather's beauty with our best leather conditioner and then spray it with waterproof protection for future health.

Our kit also makes a great gift at a great price for the leather-lover in your life! Shop our leather conditioner products today.

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