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Women's Leather Backpacks




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Miramar Leather Backpack

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Leather Backpacks for Women: Style Meets Versatility

Thanks to their versatility, classic chic style, size, and ultra-durability, backpacks have risen to the forefront of women's fashion in recent years. Our backpacks offer women an easy and comfortable way to carry everything they desire without sacrificing style.

Busy parents might repurpose our larger backpacks as classed-up diaper bags, intended to fit everything you'll need for a day of adventure. Slip your laptop into the foam compartment of our Atlas Backpack for everyday school or business use. The Rincon Backpack even has space for a blanket. Did someone say picnic?

This is a spacious bag that can hold all your favorite items — from your purse and phone to a change of clothing, books, and shoes for a night away.

Ergonomic Design

Our backpacks are a comfortable and safe way to carry items of all sizes. Our straps distribute weight evenly across both shoulders and your back, ensuring our backpack will look after your body for as long as you look after it.

Thoughtful Details

Our compartments are thoughtfully designed to keep your items effortlessly organized and easily accessible. So whether you're styling out a wait at the airport, or jumping on and off public transportation, your wallet, keys, or water bottle will be right at hand within a moment's notice.

Functional Fashion

The days when a backpack was just an item you stuffed away in a closet or locker are no more. The minimalists among us will appreciate the slim profiles and clever touches that make each Parker Clay backpack as stylish as they are functional. Our collection also boasts an array of gorgeous natural leather color selections to choose from. From, the classic Rust Brown, Dark Brown, or Black to a statement-making Sand, Navy, or Olive, these styles offer a backpack worth showing off.

Genuine Leather Bags

A genuine leather backpack offers unrivaled durability, so you can fill it up with everything you love to take on the day-to-day without worrying about overloading it or suffering the consequences on your back later.

As part of the aging process, the best leather matures and you'll find the color alters. The Rust Brown color, for example, will darken with use, giving you a truly one-of-a-kind bag.

We stand behind the quality of craftsmanship, workmanship, and materials of each and every one of our products and guarantee our leather will stand the test of time. We're so confident about that, we offer you a lifetime guarantee on every purchase.

Handmade Leather Backpacks for Women

While our bags are designed in California, the craftsmanship happens in Ethiopia, home to some of the most incredible traditions perfected over the centuries – and yes, leatherworking is one of those wonderful traditions.

All of our backpacks are handmade in Ethiopia by at-risk women, for whom we provide skills training, career advancement, financial literacy opportunities, and a living wage with benefits. That means, when you buy a Parker Clay backpack, you can not only feel confident you'll receive the best quality, sustainably sourced leather, you can also feel happy knowing your purchase has made a difference in countless lives.

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