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This is your go-to bag for a night on the town.

Typically the artisans behind a product are forgotten, but at Parker Clay they are celebrated.

Employing artisans following Fair Trade principles, providing economic security, a positive, safe work environment and wage premiums averaging 87% higher than local rates

Parker Clay’s handmade products utilize good, premium leather and do good doing it.

Give back to the global community with a purchase of the Parker Clay Miramar Leather Bag.

Picking out a purse for a persnickety person is a tall order. However, this backpack is one that everyone will love.

Parker Clay was founded with the belief that there is potential in places where people might only see problems. By choosing Parker Clay, you partner to help women out of human trafficking, and help them to realize their potential.

As we’ve raved about before, Parker Clay is a sustainable company that gives jobs to women out of human-trafficking in Ethiopia. Total Achievers in our book

I have their new bag and I’m actually, seriously 100% loving it in every way (the leather is beautiful but I’m mostly excited about its function – it has the perfect proportions of handles).

This briefcase is one that will last a lifetime.

Parker Clay started a luxury brand that helps vulnerable women, including those who have escaped sex trafficking, become economically independent.

Handmade in Ethiopia, perfect to carry as a clutch with your essentials or to slip inside your tote for extra storage.

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