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Men's Leather Backpacks




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Luxury and Function Meet in a Men's Leather Backpack

Backpacks are a standard accessory for almost everyone, including hikers, working professionals, travelers, parents with toddlers, and students. Although strapping something to your back is an ancient practice, the backpack was initially developed for military use. Today’s backpacks are made with fashion and aesthetics, as well as functionality, in mind.

At Parker Clay, we have designed a modern backpack that is streamlined and sleeker, meant to hold anything from computers and books to diapers and sippy cups, allowing you to carry everything you need for the day or weekend while keeping your hands free.

We created our men’s leather backpacks with the perfect space to securely hold your essentials, whether you’re going to the office or gym, or on a camping trip. Each bag is crafted from the finest materials at our own factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, made from 100% aniline-dyed leather. Timeless and elegant style, the leather will age naturally overtime, developing a patina and becoming distinguished with use.

Elegant and Useful Features

Other features of our collection of men’s backpacks include super-soft lining, interior pockets and exterior pockets for extra storage, stylish details including durable brass hardware and zippers, and an interior padded compartment to securely hold laptops as large as 15.”

The Rincon Backpack

The Rincon Backpack is the perfect backpack for travel or he beach. Crafted in Ethiopia with heavy-duty canvas and premium genuine leather, it features a spacious interior compartment and exterior straps that will hold a blanket or beach towel. If you’re heading to the gym, this durable canvas fabric bag is just the right size for gym gear and a yoga mat. The Rincon features an exterior pocket and premium interior zipper pocket to keep all your accessories secure and easily accessible.

The Mari Backpack

Every parent can use an extra hand. A sophisticated leather approach to the ultimate dad-bag, the Mari Backpack leaves your hands free as you use it for carrying diapers, bottles and snacks.  An  adventure co-pilot for busy parents, its many useful features include 2 bottle holders, 6 convenient pockets, stroller clips and a padded laptop compartment to help you transition as your child grows. When you are on your own, this men’s backpack doubles as a work, travel or gym bag.

The Mari Backpack’s features include 2 adjustable padded leather straps that are comfortable to wear, leather stroller straps, an interior lined with leather-trimmed cotton, and a large exterior front zipper compartment.

The Atlas Backpack

Our flagship Atlas Backpack was inspired by our travel between the U.S. and Ethiopia, a journey of over 9000 miles each way. The Atlas is the perfect backpack to take with you on work trips or weekend adventures. Created for optimal functionality, it features a foam-padded laptop compartment and multiple pockets to help keep your belongings organized. The sleek design made with real leather from Ethiopia makes this men’s backpack a fundamental bag to add your collection.

Other features of this leather backpack includes 2 large compartments with enough room to carry clothes for the weekend, durable brass zipper and hardware, 2 adjustable leather straps with hardware trim for comfortable carry, an interior full-grain leather passport pocket, one large and two small slip pockets which can carry an iPad and business cards, an interior lined with leather-trimmed cotton, an internal zip pocket with leather trims, and an exterior front zip compartment.

Premium Full Grain Leather

Each of our men’s leather backpacks is hand-crafted from the finest quality Ethiopian leather, ensuring that every single bag is unique. The leather is ethically sourced at ranches close to our factory. We start with the finest quality full grain cowhide, prized for its strength and toughness as well as its beauty. It is aniline-dyed in the drum to impart a rich color throughout the entire hide, then treated with a protective finish. The lack of pigment on the leather’s surface allows its natural characteristics to show through. Daily use will create subtle changes in the leather over time as it develops a patina.

Parker Clay Uses Only the Best Leather

Your Parker Clay leather backpack will withstand the test of time, year in and year out. The signs of continued use will serve to enhance the leather’s beauty and add to its timeless appeal it is age. And aniline-dyed leather will never crack or harden. Our men’s leather backpacks are as unique and individual as their owner, reflecting their personal style.

Why Full Grain, Aninline-Dyed Leather?

The most valuable, high-quality leather is as close as possible to its natural state. That is because each step that is taken to eliminate surface defects – buffing, adding pigment, embossing - takes it further away from its original condition.

The best leather is full-grain leather. This means that the original surface of the skin is untouched. You can see the natural peaks and valleys of the hide, as well as tiny pores or hair sacs, with the naked eye. Full-grain leathers are often aniline-dyed, a type of transparent, water-based coloration that allows the natural characteristics of the hide to shine through. This is accomplished by tumbling the hides in a dyeing vat to achieve 100% color saturation.

If the leather has defects that are considered unattractive, such as healed scars, barbed-wire marks or manure burns, the surface of the leather needs to be buffed down to eliminate the unwanted look. This is called “correcting” the leather, and often it is called top grain leather. This type of leather lacks the natural landscape that can be seen in full grain leather and makes it look artificial. By removing defects, the manufacturer can use less expensive raw material and take it through a number of processes it to make it acceptable. Pigment, an oil-based coloration that coats the leather, will be used on the surface of the leather to further hide defects, making the leather appear more artificial.

Our Process Makes a Positive Impact

By producing premium backpacks for men at our own facility in Ethiopia, we provide dignified employment and uplift Ethiopian women out of exploitation. We have created over 400,000 hours of safe, stable, and dignified employment, helping women to support families, develop professional skills, and improve their communities.

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