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Women's Leather Goods

We make our stunning women’s leather goods with women in mind. Women love leather for its elegance, style, and durability. From leather handbags, shoulder bags, totes, backpacks, messenger bags, weekenders, to purses and wallets, we make women’s leather accessories that withstand the test of time for every type of taste, from casual to formal, and for every type of lifestyle, from working women to moms on the go.

What Goes Into Our Women’s Leather Accessories

To begin with, our leather is sourced only from sustainable local rangers. We use only the finest aniline-dyed, full-grain leather. Aniline is a transparent water-based dye that not only is biodegradable; it is absorbed throughout the hide, creating a gorgeous, depthful look. Full-grain leather is the untouched skin surface of the hide, displaying naturally textured peaks and values that are proof of the leather's authenticity. Next, our leather products are handmade from ethically sourced local leather in our own Addis Ababa factory, honoring the time-tested traditions of Ethiopian leatherworking.

Best of all, our women’s leather goods are thoughtfully designed with women in mind, using the finest European hardware and premium brass zippers. Our leather handbags, totes, backpacks, messenger bags, overnighters, pouches, purses, and wallets are made with exterior zipper pockets, interior slit pockets, D-ring key holders, and easy openings for quick access and added safety.

Leather is an Investment of a Lifetime

When you purchase one of our women’s leather accessories, you are investing in cachet, prestige, and a sophisticated style that says luxury and timeless beauty. Each one of our handmade leather goods is crafted in Ethiopia by masterful leather artisans, who skillfully cut and stitch with precision and care. The result is a timeless investment that will last for a lifetime.


Leather is inherently durable. It is resistant to scratching, abrasion, water, and wear-and-tear. Whether for taking with you every day or for traveling, your leather accessories will withstand a lifetime of use. Leather is also versatile, making it ideal for accessories of all kinds, including handbags, totes, backpacks, purses, and wallets. It softens over time and is easy to clean.

Elegance and Style

Leather is timeless and will never go out of style. Both professional and chic looking, it offers a unique sense of elegance and sophistication. A leather accessory goes well with any attire. Like fine wine, it ages gracefully, becoming more beautiful as it develops a patina over time. That explains why leather goods can be cherished for a lifetime and often handed down from one generation to the next.

Kind to the Environment

Leather is a natural material as well as a renewable resource. In addition, none of our women's leather accessories will ever be discarded, ending up in a landfill. And because you will use your handbag or tote for a lifetime, it does not need to be replaced year after year.

Leather is Simply Beautiful

One of the beauties of leather is that each hide is unique, with individual characteristics such as neck wrinkles, imperfections, and range marks, evidence that it is a natural material. In addition to its luxurious appearance, its distinct aroma and soft feel cannot be replicated with man-made products. Whichever of our women’s leather accessories suits your style, whether it's a handbag, leather tote, shoulder bag, purse, or wallet, the simple fact that it is crafted from leather automatically makes it look more expensive and elegant.

How We Help Women

We hire at-risk women, and pay them living wages and benefits, as well as provide skills training, career advancement, and financial literacy opportunities. Since our inception, we have partnered with Ellilta Women at Risk (EWAR), with a goal of restoring independence to women who have been exploited through prostitution, with a goal of putting an end to it in Ethiopia. EWAR has successfully graduated over 1,000 women through its program, with over 90% of its graduates being able to remain free from prostitution.

This partnership operates beyond the traditional charity model by creating skills training and job creation, made available at our factory in Addis Ababa. We have developed methodologies to create economic opportunity, leveraging a trade model built out of mission.

We have created close to half a million hours of safe, stable, and dignified employment for women in Ethiopia, for they can develop the professional skills needed to support their families and give back to the community. Our women’s leather goods are made for women, by women.

Invest in a Parker Clay women’s leather accessory today. You will enjoy it for a lifetime and help change the world, one leather bag at a time.

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