Our Process

Our products are designed and crafted to honor the farmers and artisans in Ethiopia who create them.

Ethiopia has been producing and exporting prized leathers since the days of Pharaohs along with luxurious spices like frankincense, incense, and myrrh. We hand select each piece of leather to ensure the best quality. Using and often exceeding Fairtrade practices, we source direct from rural farmers, and work with traditional tanneries that have been perfecting their craft for generations.

We are closely involved in every step of the production process. In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, we built our team from just one artisan and a sewing machine to our current team of over twenty artisans in our own production facility. We partner with a number of other artisans from around Ethiopia for woven goods, shoes, and jewelry. They contribute to the community that is behind each and every Parker Clay product we produce.

Leather Making

We use only premium Ethiopian leather, hand selected to ensure quality, beauty, and durability.

Cotton Weaving

We hand-spin Ethiopian organic cotton on traditional looms at our partner's workshop in Ethiopia.

Jewelry Making

We work with rural Ethiopian farmers who collect and upcycle artillery shells into timeless jewelry.