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Leather Backpacks

Miramar Leather Backpack

There’s a lot to consider when deciding which brands you want to support. This includes intelligent research into a brand’s decisions in manufacturing and sustainable practices. We at Parker Clay feel that how and why a product is made is just as important as how it looks and performs. We want to talk to you about leather and why it’s a good faith, ethical choice. Learn more about our leather and canvas backpack options below.

The humble leather backpack, and what it says about you

A lot of people might just say, “need a backpack? Go down to the local chain store, buy a nylon or cloth backpack, and be done with it.” However, our buying habits have huge impacts on both the environment at large and our own lifestyle. Your choice in a backpack says a lot about you - not only about your taste, but about how you view the impacts of your choices and the importance of fair trade and ethical business. It also, of course, demonstrates your fashion sense and how you view quality and practicality in the goods that handle your day to day. Even buying a small leather backpack is an important decision that needs thought.

Choosing a Backpack  - Why Leather?

At Parker Clay, we believe the best leather backpack is superior to any cloth or nylon backpack you can pick up at a large retailer. Here are a few reasons why investing in one of our leather or canvas and leather backpack models is the superior choice:

Atlas Backpack


A leather backpack can get scuffed but it won’t tear, bend, melt or stain the same way that a cloth backpack might. A large leather backpack can last for decades and still look great. Cloth and nylon backpacks get dirty and end up looking frayed and worn when washed. A leather bottom backpack will look great with proper care for decades. It will also serve for much longer than a cheap cloth model, and will look better with age. A good leather pack will not bust at the seams, and will last you for a lifetime with proper care.


While cloth and plastic backpacks are designed as cheap commodity items, leather backpacks will usually have higher quality construction and come from firms that practice better standards of ecological safety and sustainability. A leather backpack isn’t made from processed petroleum like a nylon backpack is. Leather biodegrades harmlessly, while a nylon backpack will sit in a landfill for years. Cloth will disintegrate, but it’s plastic zippers and fittings usually won’t.

Rincon Backpack


Leather backpacks always look great and will usually have a more timeless style, as evidenced by motorcycle saddlebags and high end messenger bags. That neon pink backpack that was hot in the 90s is something you probably don’t want to take out of the closet – our quality leather goods will never be guilty of that crime.

The Parker Clay Difference

There’s more to buying a backpack than just material. Buying a luxury leather item also involves you asking questions about craftsmanship, durability, style and ethical business.

Parker Clay makes sense for your next backpack for these reasons:

Providing former sex workers with dignified work

Parker Clay hires former commercial sex workers from Addis Ababa and elsewhere for our artisan positions. Our artisans create works of art that represent artistry and pride in their work.

Ethical sourcing – leather, labor, and manufacturing practices

Parker Clay sources its leather ethically from local suppliers in the Ethiopian agricultural community. Ethiopian leather goes into many other luxury brands and is renowned the world over. We make use of the finest grade and pay the best fair trade prices for the leather we source. Since our leather is sourced from food animals, we do not cause disruption to normal Ethiopian agricultural practice.

Fashion on Purpose speaks to the idea that fashion doesn’t need to simply be about visual design and style, but can also be about the story of how the goods were produced and the good that is done by producing amazing, fashionable products locally, and how this can lift people out of poverty.

Mari Backpack

Combining traditional Ethiopian leatherwork artistry with contemporary fashion design

Our artisans continue to hand down traditional Ethiopian handcraft skills and artistry. Working with our designers in Santa Barbara, California, our team at the Addis Ababa facility designs great looking leather items that are hand-made and are guaranteed to look great for years to come.

A long-term investment, not a short-term fashion item

Parker Clay items aren’t meant to be thrown away after 2 or 3 fashion seasons. Our goods are meant to be passed down and to last for decades. Each genuine leather backpack is made with this in mind.

Making the right choice.

Check out our backpacks – we guarantee that there is no better large or small leather backpack that you can find. You’ll find that a Parker Clay leather business backpack will be one of the smartest choices you’ve ever made.



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