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Sarah Lawrence Shares Thoughts on Love for Family, Parker Clay and Taking Life in Stride

To celebrate the transitions life into motherhood and new seasons this week we sat down with our friend, Sarah Lawrence for a  Q&A! Sarah has her first baby ( a boy! ) due in August, is handling a big family move from Colorado to California and taking all the transitions of life right now in stride! 

Tell us a little about yourself! 
Hi guys! I'm Sarah, born and raised in Texas but as of this week, I’m now based in Santa Barbara, California. I am a lover of well designed spaces, anything linen, comfy clothes and carbs. My husband, Hunter, is the Marketing Director for Parker Clay and the two of us, along with our golden retriever Aspen and baby boy on the way just, made the move out here from being Coloradans for the past few years. 
How were you introduced to Parker Clay & how is the Mari Backpack preparing you for the next season of life?
I’ve known about Parker Clay for a few years now and have always been a huge fan. I can’t remember where I first heard of the company but boy am I glad I did! I have absolutely loved the Mari Backpack. I originally got it so that when Hunter and I would go to a coffee shop in Denver to work I could bring all my essentials with me. Come August, it is going to transition into my diaper bag! I love how versatile the bag is and that I can use it to carry my work stuff, gym gear (when I actually go), to an overnight bag and now a diaper bag. I also love that Hunter can carry it as well and it doesn't have a super feminine vibe. This bag can do no wrong! 
As you know, this series is all about motherhood and we were so excited to hear your pregnancy announcement. From the beginning of the first trimester you feel the excitement, love, and sacrifices already, what is something you learned in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy?
Honestly, I think I was just so in shock that I was even pregnant and that we were going to be having a kid. Hunter and I got married when we were both in our early twenties and are coming up on our 7 year wedding anniversary. I just can’t believe we are going to have a baby boy and now be a family of 4 (Aspen will always be our first child). Ha. 
We know this has been a really big year for you! Your first baby is due,  and you're moving to California ( during a global pandemic mind you ) How are you giving yourself space during this transitional time to process everything going on in life? 
There is a lot to process for sure! I think just being able to be at home every day during this time and not have the pressure to get out and do anything and fully just process leaving our life here in Colorado and starting something new in California has made me really grateful. Ever since Hunter started working with Parker Clay a year ago we have been welcomed in like family and I’m so thankful for this next stage we are stepping into. 
What's something you admire most from a woman in your life? Do you try to emulate that in your own life? 
I really just admire the women in my life who aren’t afraid to be completely open and vulnerable. Especially in thinking about motherhood these days there are so many pressures and taboos that you aren't supposed to talk about or that people just don't talk about. I want to be someone who doesn't hide from talking about the hard things in life and being real and honest, not that everyone needs to know but definitely the people you hold close and trust. 

What advice do you have for a newly expectant mother? 
I would just say to go easy on yourself. Everyone's experience is different and that's okay. I have some friends who felt pretty good their whole pregnancy and others who were nauseous and throwing up every day. You have to go easy on yourself and listen to what your body is telling you regardless of someone else's experience. 
This is a strange time in our world to say the least - how are you balancing it all? Any tip to share on how you can survive and thrive through it?
 It truly is! I think finding things that fill me up and making space for those in my day to day life has been really helpful. I’ve been doing workouts and baking/cooking things I’m excited about. Cleaning out the house and getting rid of things we just don’t need has also felt like a weight has been lifted off of me. Also just sitting outside in the sunshine can do wonders for my mood! Find something you love and can do at home and do it!