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Brandi Sellers-Jackson on Motherhood and the Mari Leather Backpack


This Mothers Day we partnered with our friend Brandi to celebrate all things motherhood! We've loved getting to know her and her family even better ( and we're sure you've seen her on our instagram a little more often this season too! ) She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, knows how to throw an amazing at home dance party and someone who would just love just to sit down, have a cup of coffee with ( and maybe a stack of her famous pancakes too! ) 

Tell us a little about yourself! 
Hi there! My name is Brandi Sellers-Jackson. I am a birth and postpartum Doula. I am also the founder of the women’s online platform #NotSoPrivateParts and the co-founder of Moms In Color. I am a mama to three boys! Needless to say, I live a very busy life.


Wife, Mama, Founder, Doula, Social Media (Mom)ager - you wear so many hats! Tell us what keeps you going - what inspires you and fuels you for all of those titles in your life? 
What keeps me fueled up, is knowing that by following my gut/ intuition or that still small voice, I am creating change in the world around me. I know that by supporting women I am creating a better world for my children, grandchildren and future generations. Also I believe that by my boys seeing their mother doing the things that she loves and walking in purpose, they too will be brave enough to do the same.
How were you introduced to Parker Clay? What  are some of your favorite pieces right now?
I discovered Parker Clay online! Like most people especially those of us with children we carry all of our personal belongings in some type of bag. I immediately fell in love with Parker Clay when I saw their business model and philanthropy coinciding. My favorite bag is the Mari Backpack! I literally can fit everything in there, which is exactly what I need as a mom of three boys.
As you know, this series is all about Motherhood! Tell us what motherhood looks like for you right now. 
Motherhood looks like taking deep breaths. It looks like showing grace for self...being kind to self... and pouring an infinite well of joy into myself, so that way I can pour into my loved ones. Motherhood is not perfect. It is a constant ebb and flow of learning and unlearning
You truly are such an inspiring woman, from your dance moves, to your pep talks filling our social media feed, to how you carry yourself with friends. We are so grateful to have you in our community! Tell us what community means to you. 
Community is everything I relied heavily on community after the birth of Jupiter. After having a beautiful homebirth, there was a constant flow of women in and out of our home helping support our family as we transitioned from a family of four to a family of five. As the old African proverb says, it takes a village.
With such a beautiful social community around you - what do you feel moms need to hear in this season? Is there someone that has guided you most as a mom yourself? 
Mentors are everything! There are older women who have poured into me. My mother being the first of these women. Having someone you can connect with and talk to and share and be transparent with is so very necessary. Motherhood is not meant to be navigated alone. Having a community of elder women in your life is golden wisdom. 
You have kids in numerous stages of life - we want to hear from DOULA Brandi — what advice do you have for an expectant mother and a new mom? 
Say yes to all the support. Say yes to all the support. (This is not a typo. I am meaning to repeat myself). Even if you do not know what you need support in, still say yes. During those early weeks of postpartum, there are always dishes to be done. There’s always laundry to be put into the washer and dryer. There’s always food to be prepared. Say yes. I cannot stress this enough.
This is a strange time in our world to say the least - how are you balancing it all? Any tip to share on how you can survive and thrive through it?
Find pockets of joy within the chaos. This is absolutely a strange time. The more that we try to normalize it, the more stressful it may become. Accept that this is not normal. Accept  that this is unprecedented and then find pockets of joy within the chaos. Control the things you can control. Let go of the things you cannot. Look for the joy!