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Father's Day Spotlight: Kierre Bjorn

Father's Day Spotlight: Kierre Bjorn

Meet Kierre Bjorn

Worship Pastor | Artist | Songwriter | Dad


Kierre and his wife Marika have been married for almost 6 years. They live in North Carolina with their two children Esther-Rose (4) and Nehemiah (2).

 He loves food, traveling, working in the mission field, doing life full on with family/friends, and laying on the sofa watching his favorite shows with his wife, Marika.



№1 — How were you introduced to Parker Clay?

I was introduced to Parker Clay via Instagram. I found the page and then started liking and loving everything lol. A Father’s Day w campaign was coming up and i got a message about participating. I’ve been hooked ever since.  

№2 — What is your favorite Parker Clay product and how do you love to use and style it?

Im pretty terrible at having a “favorite” anything, but I’d have to say the atlas backpack is my best friend lol. I’ve had it for a year and it’s been everywhere with me. As a musician you want a backpack that’s practical AND stylish as you travel. This has been it for me. It has enough pockets for my in-ear monitors, computer, notepads, throat lozenges, and so much more. I literally get compliments on it every time i wear It. It dits perfectly when I’m dressed up and even when I’m wearing some joggers and a t-shirt. Always adds a dash of class and sophistication.

№3 — We are sure that you’ve learned a lot from being a dad — what is one learning experience that you could share with our community?

Yea I’ve learned so much from being a dad. Hard things and incredibly freeing things. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is how supremely important it is for me to throughly communicate with them and allow them to communicate back to me. Even at their young ages, that principle has allow for so much love and grace to flow in our home. A lot of times, parents don’t feel the obligation to communicate to their child the “why” of a thing but instead say things like “because i said so”. But those are huge missed opportunities to teach them, learn from them, and grow together. 

№4 — With Father’s Day in mind, what is your message to fathers out there?

Fathers, we don’t just protect and provide. We also should teach, nurture, and be emotionally available to our children.

№5 — What is a vital lesson or mindset that you want to impart to your kids?

I want to continue to steward my kids in their faith until their faith becomes their faith and continue to teach them the beauty of compassion and respect for humanity.

№6 — What would be your biggest piece of advice to a new or expecting father?

You may feel unprepared and unfit to do this dad thing, but your kid is on the way now so don’t you turn back. You are about to become responsible for adding another life to this society. It’s a lot of pressure but also a love of fun. You’re gonna mess up and your gonna drop the ball at times, just keep picking it back up. You’ll learn most of what you need to know, as you keep showing up. You got this.