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Community Voices: Pia Beck

Community Voices: Pia Beck
Our community exisits to empower,
and we don't accomplish anything alone.
Pia Beck

Pia Beck is based here in Santa Barbara, California. She's the owner and consultant-in-chief of Curate Well Co., a community platform for impact-driven entrepreneurs.

Hey Pia! Thanks for joining us. So how did you first get into consulting?

My story starts in the tech and startup world, the usual 60+ hour weeks spent sprinting toward big goals, with a lean team of people all willing to get their hands dirty to reach them. It was the perfect training ground – through scrappy solutions and the thrill of meeting milestones, I thrived when given the chance to create. To be able to see the big picture and add process, structure, and function, transforming a simple idea into a complex, living system was incredible for me.

And how did you come to create your own business from there?

I took pride in the impact I created with little resources and even less time, but the change I could cause along the way was what became really inspiring. But, eventually you come to the realization that there’s only so much change you can make from within a container built by someone else.

So, I set out to build my own business from the ground up and do what I’ve always been great at — getting ideas organized, grounding the big vision in the details, and creating intuitive systems that can be implemented in a replicable way. Today, Curate Well Co. helps impact-driven leaders build a brand and business bigger than themselves — those here to change the narrative.


Your business talks about being a community platform – how do you define community?

Community, to me, isn’t a noun — it’s a verb. Community is generated, experienced, and lived. It’s not just a group of people, it's a catalyst for opportunity, innovation, and connection. It’s the feeling of belonging to something that’s bigger than yourself.

And what makes you proud to be part of the Parker Clay community?

I’m so inspired by how the Parker Clay team has created a way to deliver an exceptional product and create an exceptional impact on the world at the same time. I rarely see businesses that can do both well — form and function. To me, this is really an understatement of what Parker Clay is up to. I love that I can recommend Parker Clay products, knowing that the quality will be unmatched, and that each piece contributes to positive change on individual and systemic levels.

That said, you must have a favorite Parker Clay piece!

I’ve been using the Mini Topa Bucket Bag daily! It’s the perfect everyday purse (and I was never a purse gal before it existed!). I love how functional it is, and that it can be dressed up or down easily. For a classy night out, I love the Padaro Bag as well.

What's something you've learned from being a business owner?

Being a business owner has given me the opportunity to confront all of my limitations. From learning to be more curious and ask strategic questions, to practicing patience, to honing my communication skills, to healing old narratives that don’t align with the legacy I want to leave through my work — my business has made me a better human, friend, partner, and leader. 

As a fairly Type A person who thrives with structure, I thought in binary terms for a lot of my life (black and white). Being a business owner has given me the opportunity to embrace agility, consider more things to be up-for-discussion, and see possibility in ways I didn’t have access to before.


What's one small way you work to affect positive change each day?

One of my core values is generosity, and I aim to practice this daily. Whether it’s sharing a strategic contact with a community member, doing some extra work to make sure a client nails their pitch, treating a friend to happy hour, listening actively while a friend vents, or giving a random gift — I try to give wholeheartedly when I think it might make a difference for someone and their goals.

Thanks Pia! Passing the mic to you – feel free to plug what you're working on next!

We know that entrepreneurship is hard — like, really hard. But we believe you don’t have to do it alone. We just launched a new (free!) texting service, called Chit Chat, to have the conversations about business-building that most aren’t willing to have. We'll send a weekly text to our community — a love note, tangible tip, permission slip, or thought-provoking question. Our goal is that it’s exactly what you need to hear, exactly when you need to hear it.


We also have an online membership — the Curate Community — where entrepreneurs can come to connect meaningfully, collaborate often, and grow their own community.


Pia Beck's Favorite Parker Clay:
The Topa Mini Bucket BagThe Padaro Bag

Hear more from Pia @curatewellco

Stay tuned for more interviews and stories coming soon, placing the spotlight on the faces and voices of our worldwide Parker Clay community. Learn more about Parker Clay's Impact here