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Voices From Our Community // Genevieve Padalecki

Voices From Our Community  // Genevieve Padalecki

Our community exists to empower,
and we don't accomplish anything alone.
Genevieve Padalecki


Highlighting the voices of our Parker Clay community.

"How we live, eat, and consume can help protect nature."

Parker Clay: Hi Gen! So first off, what do you do?
Genevieve Padalecki: Hey! I'm an actress, activist and founder of TOWWN; "take only what you need".

PC: How did you first discover this unique way you’re operating within the outdoor sustainability space?
GP: Well I've always really loved the outdoors! To quote Edward Abbey, “A world without open country would be a universal jail”. I believe in using nature to our advantage to heal and learn.  We rely on nature to live, so we'd better take care of it.

PC: How did that interest develop into a career path?
GP: As kids, we were raised to respect and protect Mother Nature, and I was so inspired by our fall campouts, outdoor adventures, and the lessons of sustainability that came with them. As I grew up and became a mother myself, I really wanted to instill this kind of upbringing and lifestyle in my own children. It includes making more thoughtful decisions at home – how we live, eat, and consume can all help protect nature in turn.

PC: How do you define community? What is the power of community?
GP: A group of people that come together to support one another and build each other up for the better.

PC: And what makes you proud to be a part of the Parker Clay community?
GP: I love supporting businesses that help empower a community. I love that Parker Clay makes and crafts their products in Ethiopia, and in doing so, provides employment and sustainable jobs for the community - mostly women - to create a more diverse and equitable working environment. This in turn creates a ripple effect that provides a positive model for the community as a whole. Not only is Parker Clay incredibly fashionable, but it serves a bigger purpose that makes me incredibly excited to get behind and support.  

"Build each other up for the better."

PC: What is one small way you work to affect positive change each day?
GP: I try to say positive mantras and lead by being the kindest version of myself. Ain’t always easy! But I hope that by putting my best foot forward, I can take the first step of trying to leave a better impact. Then encourage my children to have kindness in all things. It’s important to model and lead with this in mind.

PC: What is one hope you have for the future?
GP: That we can all agree to disagree and find common ground. I hope that we can learn to live and thrive and work together. We all live here whether we agree with each other or not. So let’s figure out a way to make this planet and world better for everyone!

Stay tuned for more interviews and stories coming soon, placing the spotlight on the faces and voices of our worldwide Parker Clay community.