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Women's Leather Purses




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Napa Handbag

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Merkato Signature Tote

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Makeda Leather Crossbody Bag

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Desta Belt Bag

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Eden Carryall

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Caroline Leather Tote Bag

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Nyala Foldover Clutch

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Layla Satchel

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Leather Purses & Handbags For Any Occasion

Our newest collection of leather handbags is inspired by the New York businesswoman, the fashionable Paris woman, and the everyday career woman. Taking inspiration from timeless styles, you'll find a wide variety of leather bags and totes crafted by women, for women. Whether you're in a New York office, or hiking in the country, we want to help you stay organized day to day for the best experience, no matter the occasion.

Leather Bags Make a Statement

The reviews are in: Whether it's a backpack, handbag, or tote, a purse shouldn't be just a purse with pockets to carry while you're shopping. We believe purses are more than purses—they're a canvas. Whether it's a timeless design, or something pink and green and colorful to get noticed, purses aren't just an extension of the outfit you wear, they're an extension of you.

When we think of women, we don't just think of one type of girl, but a diverse assortment of unique personalities and styles. It's the same with our passion for bags. For the modern girl, it's all about the casual tote. For the timeless lady, a stunning leather clutch or sometimes, a whole collection of purses. For the Jetsetter, leather crossbody handbags are built for the task. For the free spirit, it doesn't get better than a leather hobo bag.

Parker Clay bags are your canvas—your statement.

A Leather Purse With Function and Style

Every bag and tote at Parker Clay is an ode to the timeless style of leather, but not at the cost of details. It shouldn't take ten minutes to search your bag or tote for that ticket stub, or your phone and keys. Our collection of bags come with adjustable straps and internal pockets so you don't have to search through every pouch while standing in line at the store. It's not just a tote or bag for every outfit, but a tote and bag for every situation.

The Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag like the Makeda Crossbody is a joy to carry if you want the style of a leather clutch mixed with the function of a crossbody. A shoulder bag shouldn't sacrifice comfort on account of style.

The Backpack and Tote

The Merkato Signature Tote is the perfect leather bag for the office, while the Miramar Leather Backpack offers the same style and comfort on the move. Or if you can't pick just one, check out the Rincon Backpack for the best of both bags. We took the popular style of a tote bag and converted it to a backpack reinforced with leather. If perfect 5-star reviews are a sign, then the Rincon Backpack is a perfect blend of our popular leather bags, with the style of a tote that you'll love.

The Crossbody

The Everly Crossbody is one of our most popular leather handbags, and a top pick of our customers. We think over 100 five-star reviews are a sign we're doing something right.


The Desta Belt Bag is one of our favorite styles from our collection of bags, because it can be two styles in one. Take your pick: carry it strapless, or show it off at the waste. In addition to durable leather, its made with a premium hardware zipper so you don't have to worry while you're conquering the day.

Personal Style Without Sacrificing Sustainability

Our crossbody bags are crafted from the finest leather, but what is the difference between vegan leather and our signature "eco-leather?" Vegan leather means there are no animals involved whatsoever, but we've found an equally sustainable alternative.

Eco-leather means we purchase real leather from local farmers as an animal byproduct. Our employees search for and contact farms committed the fair treatment of their animals, but aren't raising them for the sole purpose of leather goods. We only pick ethical farms to purchase from, so you can rest assured your purchases from Parker Clay are contributing to a more ethical world, free of guilt.

Leather Handbags With a Purpose

Every backpack, handbag, and tote at Parker Clay is made with the utmost care by at-risk women in Ethiopia. When you purchase a bag from our site, you are continuing our commitment to pay living wages and benefits, provide skills training, career advancement, and financial literacy opportunities to these women. That's why every bag we ship represents an ongoing purpose for ethical, fair treatment women across the world.

Don't wait until cyber week to pick your favorite bag—the purpose matters right now.

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