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Leather Laptop Sleeves




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Presidio Laptop Sleeve - 13 Inch

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Presidio Laptop Sleeve - 15-16 Inch

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Sira Laptop Sleeve


The Leather Laptop Sleeve

After creating its first leather tote bag years ago, Parker Clay's collection has grown to include some of the most versatile, meticulously-crafted leather accessories available, including leather laptop sleeves and bags, backpacks, messenger bags, handbags, weekend bags, wallets and belts.

We are particularly proud of our leather laptop sleeves, which combine practicality with style, and are designed with style and durability in mind. Made from the finest full-grain leather, each laptop case is proof of how much thought went into every detail and how much effort went into its creation.

Laptop bags and laptop sleeves are a safe and stylish way to carry a portable computer. More and more people own laptop computers because they are often standard-issue work equipment that need to be transported between the office and home as well as on trips. This useful accessory doesn't have to be relegated to the bulky and utilitarian — the laptop case is a perfect opportunity for men and women to make a strong personal statement.

Leather is an excellent choice for a laptop bag or sleeve because of its durability, elegance and timeless appeal. At Parker Clay, we use premium full-grain, aniline-dyed leather ethically sourced from tanneries located near our factory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where leather-making is a tradition that has been handed down from one generation to the next over the years.

Laptop Sleeve – A Little History

Laptop sleeves were invented when laptops began to get thinner and smaller. Slender and stylish, rectangular in shape, and made from non-rigid material, the laptop sleeve is a pouch that is designed to fit closely over a laptop. It is intended to be carried under the arm, which is why it doesn’t have a handle. A leather laptop sleeve may have a zippered opening along one end, along with interior compartments to hold the laptop as well as devices, business documents and accessories. Because of the laptop sleeve’s smaller size, it's suitable for compact and lightweight laptop computers or tablets.

The primary use for a laptop sleeve is to minimize the amount of dirt, dust or debris that comes into contact with a computer, and to protect a device against spillage and exposure to rain.  

Our Laptop Sleeve Collection

Parker Clay offers a line of meticulously handcrafted and elegantly-designed leather laptop sleeves that can be used by both men and women. Our three leather laptop sleeve models are designed for the maximum amount of protection for your laptop, while offering the utmost in quality, style and convenience.

The Presidio Laptop Sleeve

A leather laptop sleeve of enduring quality and timeless style, the Presidio Laptop Sleeve is designed with the entrepreneur in mind. Built to give your computer the greatest amount of protection and designed with a soft leather interior, our Presidio Laptop Leave is the essential companion for your meetings and work trips. It's available in two sizes: a 13” x 11" size and 15” x 11" option

The Sira Laptop Sleeve

This leather laptop sleeve is designed to protect and transport your laptop in style, while cushioning it in elegant softness. Featuring a brass zipper close for extra security and 2 interior pockets, it will keep your most essential devices organized and safe wherever you go. This on-the-go sleeve will ensure a snug fit that will keep your laptop immobile and protect it from scratches, moisture and dirt. Perfect for carrying in your backpack, messenger bag or briefcase, it measures 14” x 10.”

Choosing the Right Laptop Sleeve

To make sure the Parker Clay leather laptop sleeve you choose is the right size for your computer and offers the best performance, it should fit snugly inside the sleeve without slipping. But it should also be roomy enough to accommodate compartments for papers and accessories.  

Of course, you want your laptop case to look great. It’s a fashion accessory as well as a functional item, one that reflects your personal style. That’s why we have three laptop sleeves for you to choose from, crafted from genuine leather that is elegant, luxurious, functional and fashionable, while durable enough to protect your laptop from dirt and spills.

Size: The laptop sleeve must fit your laptop. When taking measurements, remember that that the laptop screen size is measured in diagonal length (the length from the top left to bottom right corners). We recommend a ½” of “wiggle room” in any direction to insure a snug fit.  

Design: In addition to good looks, our laptop sleeves are designed for convenience and comfort. Their top opening, with or without a zipper, provides quick access to the inside of the sleeve.

Our Impact

All of our leather laptop sleeves are made in our own facility in Addis Ababa in the country of Ethiopia. We hire at-risk women, pay living wages and benefits, and provide skills training, career advancement, and financial literacy opportunities to all of our employees, almost have of whom are receiving a salary for the first time ever. Through our Center of Excellence, we provide a pathway to promotion by means of advanced skill workshops, leadership training programs, and more, allowing any employee to climb the ranks. 

Every customer who purchases a leather laptop sleeve from Parker Clay helps improve the lives of families and communities in Ethiopia. We thank you for your support.

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