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Handmade Leather Wallets


Abera Billfold Wallet

Sure, it’s just a wallet. But you carry your life in it! Shouldn’t such an important accessory be worth investing in? Your choice of wallet says a lot about you. A wallet carries your cash, important documentation and memories inside of it. Since it is the most unique article of fashion that you carry, it deserves unique attention.

Why a genuine leather wallet? 

The reasons to use a leather wallet, as opposed to a cheap nylon or plastic one, are almost too numerous to count. But here are a few:

Eco friendly and biodegradable

A handcrafted leather wallet, after a lifetime of great looks and great service, will biodegrade naturally and not sit forever in a landfill, leaching toxic chemicals into groundwater or the soil. Handmade leather wallets have far less of an environmental impact, being made in a workshop setting as opposed to on an automated factory floor. Cloth and nylon wallets require all manner of dangerous chemicals in their manufacturing processes.

Style and looks

Leather is beautiful, and the patina of leather increases in luster with time. A well-made leather wallet can last for generations and be passed down between friends and family over the decades. Leather looks better and better as its ages. Leather wallets can also be easily repaired if they get damaged. A well-made leather wallet is a long-term investment that pays off in durability, function and style.

Clayton Card Wallet

Handmade quality that lasts

A handmade leather wallet is vastly superior to a machine made, cheap leather wallet. In the case of Parker Clay, an artisan with years of experience creates a quality wallet that will last for years to come from full grain leather that is sewn together, not glued. Leather wallets handmade by artisans are not only a more ethical option, they sustain traditional hand craft techniques and provide jobs to local workers – in our case, an amazing team of artisans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Always unique

Handcrafted leather wallets, as opposed to cloth or plastic ones, are usually made of full grain leather. This means that they will always have slight variations for color, shape, and design. Each model offers a unique piece of craftsmanship, to be treasured when either giving or receiving.

Zahra Wallet

Why choose Parker Clay?

Our activist business prides itself on providing you with beautiful, sustainable handmade wallets while also making the world a better place. Here are some reasons why you should choose Parker Clay:

We make awesome wallets

Parker Clay leather goods are hand crafted by our amazing team of artisans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our design team in Santa Barbara works with our artisans to design amazing, long lasting, unique luxury goods.

We make ethical wallets

Our leather is locally sourced from agricultural animals. The finest full grain leather in the world, other luxury brands also value Ethiopian leather. What they don’t do is use it in an eco-friendly and locally empowering process. We source our leather and supplies using strict fair-trade principles. The pricing of our goods reflects unique luxury creations, but these great wallets give local people jobs. We’re especially proud of our local artisans – women who come to use from the commercial sex trade in Addis Ababa who learn traditional Ethiopian hand craft skills and support themselves and their families with dignity. A Parker Clay hand craft leather wallet is a way you can help someone improve their own life.

Addis Passport Wallet

We make beautiful wallets

Combining Ethiopian traditional artistry with modern fashion design, our teams in Addis Ababa and Santa Barbara create items that you’ll gift to family, friends. Not only are they physically beautiful, but the handiwork that our wallets represent embodies a life lifted into dignity, out of poverty. A leather wallet handmade by Parker Clay is worth every dollar.

Here are a few examples –

The Addis Passport Wallet has a lovely tan shade. Its ready for travel and supports the dimensions for a passport and other travel documents. This wallet is made from top grade full grain Ethiopia leather.

The Clayton Card Wallet is a neat little wallet that carries your ID and cards easily and fits in a jacket or shirt pocket. This wallet is great for carrying business cards and makes a statement when you bring it out.

The Meskel Square Zip Wallet is perfect for storage in a purse or other bag when carrying essentials for a night out. Good to carry eight cards and one slot for cash, this is neat, understated in black, and will go great with your outfit.

The best wallet you will ever purchase

Don’t wait. Be stylish, get quality, and help someone across the world work with dignity. Browse our line of handmade leather wallets and make an investment you won’t regret.




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