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Voices From Our Community // Ashley Streicher

Our community exists to empower,
and we don't accomplish anything alone.
Ashley Streicher
Highlighting the voices of our Parker Clay community.

Parker Clay: Hey Ashley! Tell our readers what you do and where you're based.

Ashley Streicher: Hi! I'm a hairstylist and co-founded STRIIIKE in Beverly Hills with my two sisters, also in the beauty industry. I'm currently splitting my time between LA and "Upstate California", where I can stretch out, hike, and ground myself in the forest. 

PC: How did you first discover you were interested in hair and beauty? 

AS: I first realized that I was interested in hair on my very first day of beauty school when I was 16. Having just learned to drive and been given that freedom, working with hair surpassed even that! I was a sophomore in highschool, so they suggested the ROP (regional occupation program) in hairdressing for me. I got to leave school at lunch and get credits at my local beauty school, as well as get that education for free! The rest is history, and a lot of adventurous education.

PC: How did it become a career? What inspired you?

AS:  I can't even remember "doing hair" as a career, really. I think that's why I've done so well in LA, I was just so happy to be here and working that I never really cared about what kind of money I was making. Luckily, I had two older sisters that always had a couch for me to crash on! I've always been inspired by the freedom and creativity in hair "creating" – much like being outdoors for me. I'm my best self when sharing space in nature, and continue to be inspired by it in everything I do.

PC: What does community mean to you, and what is the power of community? 

AS: I feel like the best part of creating STRIIIKE was having a legit space for community. And now (since COVID) I know that we never needed the business to build it in the first place, however I absolutely love our community of business women, entrepreneurs, and positive peeps! The support I feel from my "sisterhood" (that may have started with my blood sisters) has since turned into the family that nurtures me and my life choices the most. The power of community is stronger than you will ever know!

PC: That said, what makes you proud to be a part of the Parker Clay community?

AS: I am just so honored to be a part of something so much bigger than what I'm doing. I feel proud to be part of a community that starts and ends with family – not just blood family, but on a more global scale. This life is what you make of it, and family is too.

PC: What is one small way you work to affect positive change each day? 

AS: I'm not saving lives by any means, but I know my role in the beauty industry is a big one. I know people are watching and wanting to know all the professional tips and tricks, but it's also my job to present the beauty industry in a way that makes every individual feel beautiful. It's my job to show you that you can have the best of you! Be individual, be different, be yourself and be beautiful – there's no quick fix, one size fits all for beauty or fashion.

"Be individual, be different, be yourself and be beautiful."

PC: What is one hope you have for the future? 

AS: The future is a strange looking place at the moment. This year has been revolutionary and I would be silly to say that I could have any idea what our future might look like. I will say that I have a deep inclination that our future will be better, more expansive, and more positive than our past and present. We are here, re-learning lessons that were already taught to us, and this time, we will not graduate until we ace them. No, they are not immediate, but lessons that last for generations might also take a generation to be learned. It's our moment and our job to prioritize these lessons and know that our planet will not survive unless we do so. Ok, enough of my rant. Just treat each other and our planet as if our lives depend on it – because they do.

"Treat each other and our planet as if our lives depend on it
– because they do."
Hear more from Ashley @streicherhair
Stay tuned for more interviews and stories coming soon, placing the spotlight on the faces and voices of our worldwide Parker Clay community.

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