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The Bridge: Learn, Eat & Read

The Bridge
Our community and impact span 9,000 miles. This is the bridge that connects us.


Word of the Week: tigahb
The direct meaning is “fullness from eating food", but it conveys an extra level of that comfort and satisfaction after a good meal. But most often, it refers to people who are a little too satisfied with themselves. "Betam Tegbahal!" – what a spoiled brat!


Try Gomen Wat
You've tried classic southern Collard Greens, but you probably haven't tasted the African version! Made with your choice of leafy green, this popular side dish is served warm, perfectly spicy, and completely vegetarian.


Modern "Arranged" Dating?
In Ethiopia, we have the same dating challenges as most – especially now that old-fashioned arranged marriages are fading out. Tinder and Bumble aren't quite right, so some Ethiopian businesses have launched what they call "modern arranged dating".

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