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Community Voices: Britt Williams

Community Voices: Britt Williams

Meet Britt

For Britt Williams, self-love starts in the kitchen. Check out our latest Community Voices article for the low-down on seed oils, secret sauces, and superfoods. 

Hey Britt, How about a quick intro for those who haven’t had the pleasure to meet you! 

Hi there! I’m Britt Williams - a recipe developer, content creator, and mom living in California. I share nutritious recipes made with simple, wholesome ingredients. I like to say I put the fun in functional nutrition because eating should be fun and support optimal health. My goal is to inspire others to feel confident making healthier choices and have fun in the kitchen.

How did you get your start in the nutrition space? What inspired you along the way?

My education and experience has taught me about the human body and mind, and how nutrition plays a vital role. When I was in college studying Psychology and Pre-Med I took a Health Psychology course. I quickly became fascinated with the connection between nutrition and mental health. I learned to look at nutrition holistically, as it can affect all aspects of our health, physical and mental.

During college, I was a research assistant in a lab focused on health and physiology where I learned a lot about how our behaviors towards food and exercise are influenced. I planned to go to medical school so after graduation I became an Emergency Medical Technician to gain experience and hours. While working on an ambulance and in the emergency room I witnessed a lot of chronic health conditions. Although I was grateful to treat symptoms, I kept thinking “I wish I could help people not end up here.” This made me want to pursue a career in preventative healthcare. In 2018 I began writing for a medical nutrition company. They developed the first-ever plant-based medical formula for people who are tube-fed or need supplemental nutrition. I was blown away by the stories of people going from failing to thriving by changing their nutritional formulas. This strengthened my belief in the power of plants. I’ve seen firsthand how what you eat can change your life. I went on to get certified in plant-based nutrition at eCornell University’s Center for Nutrition Studies.

Additionally, I’m furthering my education to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP). I love continuing to learn more about what I believe is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves - eat more nutrient-dense foods! 

Do you have a favorite go-to recipe? How do you find inspiration for your recipes? Do you shop locally for your ingredients? 

Yes! One of my go-to recipes is pesto pasta. You really can’t go wrong with a good pesto. I love making my pesto sauce with slight variations. Last week I made a broccoli lemon pesto that paired well with a robust cheese I got at the farmers’ market. I shop locally whenever I can! Luckily we have some amazing farmers’ markets in town that I frequent. When I’m in grocery stores I also look for “local” tags on produce and packaged goods. I believe in supporting local organic farmers (they go above and beyond!) and it’s fun discovering other local companies. To me, it’s important to not only eat locally but seasonally when available. Seasonal ingredients equal more nutrients and flavor! That’s actually how I get a lot of my recipe inspiration, by looking at what’s in season and trying or adapting recipes. Hence the broccoli lemon pesto, both happen to be in season right now!

Pesto Pasts Recipe

If someone is new to the nutritional space, what would you say are the top three things they should look for when grocery shopping and meal planning? 

This is a great question. If you don’t already, start reading ingredient lists. When you don’t know what an ingredient is, look it up and decide if you feel comfortable eating it. Educating yourself will be very beneficial long-term!

  • Grocery shop 80% in the perimeter of the store typically where produce, dried goods, and quality proteins are!) The middle aisles tend to have more packaged, processed foods. It's great to stock up on canned beans, frozen veggies etc, but it’s easy to grab a lot of snacks or processed foods if you start in the middle. 
  • In my opinion, everyone should avoid seed oils (soybean, canola, cottonseed, safflower, rapeseed, sunflower, “vegetable oil”, etc). These oils are often extracted from plants by either a chemical solvent or oil mill and some have an imbalanced Omega-6 to Omega-3 Fatty Acid Ratio. The right balance should be maintained for optimal health. Once you start looking, you will find seed oils are in a lot of packaged foods. When it comes to olis, aim for extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil. It’s hard to find bottled dressings without seed oils, so try making your own! Homemade spreads and salad dressing are surprisingly simple to make and more affordable, too!
  • Eat a variety of colors. When you grocery shop each week pick out a couple of different fruits, vegetables, or starches you don’t typically buy. Look for ways to incorporate them into meals or look up a new recipe! This is a fun way to switch up your weekly go-to meals and add variety to your diet. 

You’re also a mother, content creator, and writer — how do you find balance in your life? 

One of my main goals this year is to improve my work-life balance. It can be tough, but I’ve found accepting that there is no “perfect” work-life balance eases my mind. As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly thinking of the next project I want to work on and how I can better serve my community. I keep a constant to-do list that includes big goals with steps for each goal. I set small goals each week which eventually lead to completing the big goals. It’s a simple yet effective strategy! I work from home and homeschool my 4-year-old daughter Olive. Being a mom always comes first, so I’ve learned to prioritize my time and be extremely self-motivated, even if that means I’m working at night after Olive goes to bed. I’m also extremely grateful my partner is such a great dad. We balance our work and parenting time well. I always take a couple of hours each week to do something for myself, whether that’s yoga, lunch with a friend, or simply doing my nails. Self-care really goes a long way!

Outside of work, what are some creative outlets that keep you inspired? 

Writing is my first love. I adore creative writing, specifically non-fiction. There is something so special about pen to paper. How words can come together to create something beautiful that evokes emotion. Writing often connects a lot of dots my brain alone can’t. Additionally, reading philosophy and related non-fiction completely broadens my mindset. 10/10 recommend.

Nature has also always been a motivation for me. Taking a break from my busy schedule and getting outside to appreciate the world gives me a reset and clears my head which always gets my creative juices flowing. I also love to paint with my daughter. A very therapeutic and fun activity we can do together!

How do you define community? What is the power of community to you? What specifically makes you proud to be a part of the Parker Clay community?

For me, community is having a source of like-minded individuals that come together for advice and support. I believe having the right community is extremely powerful because we can share collective knowledge, new ideas and motivate each other to push our own limits.

When I was first introduced to Parker Clay I fell in love with not only their gorgeous products but their story. As a mom, I immediately resonated with Ian and Brittany’s mission behind Parker Clay. When I read their story I could feel the genuine goodness of these people and knew I wanted to be a part of their community. From them, I learned how many young Ethiopian women often end up living a life they didn’t choose due to lack of opportunity, education, and resources. I believe everyone should be given the chance to live a fulfilling life. Parker Clay is changing the history of so many lives and I deeply respect that. I truly appreciate their dedication to ethical craftsmanship, fair wages, and sustainable materials.

Any favorite Parker Clay product/s?

Everything Parker Clay is top notch quality. I have many favorites, but here are my top 3 (right now!) 

I use the Delta Belt Bag on a daily basis. It’s perfect for visiting the farmers’ markets, running errands and everyday life. I like that it comes with a shoulder strap, making it even more versatile.

I’m in love with the Caroline Tote Bag. It’s gorgeous and chic. Love packing my laptop and heading to a cafe to get some work done.

Last but not least, the Rincon Backpack. It’s so spacious and keeps my hands free! Ideal for the beach, hiking or going for a picnic.

Anything exciting you would like to share? Any upcoming events, launches?

Yes! Thanks for asking. My first cookbook “Balanced Bowls” is coming out this year. It includes nutritionally balanced plant-based meals “in a bowl.” It’s designed for everyone that wants to incorporate more plants into their diet, regardless of what their diet looks like. It will be available for preorders soon! I’m also excited to be starting a YouTube channel, launching in February. My channel will focus on healthy versions of traditional recipes, kid lunch ideas (they actually want to eat!), juicing, and nutrition tips. I’ll be sharing the link to my first YouTube video via email subscribers through my website and on Instagram. Hope to see you there!