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10 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Groom this Spring

10 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Groom this Spring

10 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Groom this Spring

People typically begin the Christmas countdown the morning after Thanksgiving—its often a subject of great debate among families (in-laws, anyone?), but we believe there is a countdown we can, and should, all agree on: The Big Day.

We don't mean New Year's, or President's Day. We're talking about the extra special holiday that only comes around once a lifetime, the holiday when we remember that true love is real: The Wedding Day! 

People all over are counting down the days until their springtime wedding date. Groomsmen and bridesmaids are being chosen to create the perfect wedding party. The maid of honor is looking up wedding venues, and the best man is hard at work putting together the bachelor party of a lifetime. However, with so much wedding planning to do, it's easy to get cold feet, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for such a special day. 

That's why we at Parker Clay have taken on the challenge of putting together the perfect gift guide for the modern groom. 

Choosing the Perfect Groom Gift

Gifts are an expressive way to celebrate how much someone means to you. Guys can be some of the hardest to shop for, but they say its the thought that counts—so don't sweat it! This guide will help you think through some of the attributes every gift should have, from quality and craftsmanship, to usefulness and purpose.

The Bag

We don't usually put much thought into a gift box, but it keeps our wedding presents tidy and safe from harm. It's the same thing with backpacks and luggage—our valuables are worth it. A quality bag for keeping all the day's tasks neatly arranged is one of the best gifts.

Whether it's a duffle bag for the gym, or a comfy backpack for daily travel, leather is the best choice for keeping all the tools for the day safe from the elements and constant use.

Overnight Bag

What happens when you mix the athletic style of the duffle bag with the ruggedness of leather? You get the Omo Overnight Bag, a classic design in our premium leather that turns heads. We love the Axum Dopp Kit, as an extra surprise. The is the perfect gift for the groom to take on the honeymoon in style.


Backpacks tend to take a beating from daily use and unpredictable weather, so why not get one made to withstand the hustle and bustle of a busy day? Our Atlas Backpack is a classic design we've outfitted in gorgeous leather, with a cotton-lined interior. Inspired by our 9,000 mile one-way trips between the United States and Ethiopia.


A messenger bag combines urban style with comfort, and can be seen next to every hardworking guy at their favorite coffee shop. The Austin Messenger Bag, like a wallet, is a gift almost every guy would be excited to upgrade their current work-bag to. It's the modern briefcase, made to last, and look better everyday you step outside to conquer the day. Check out our larger style Parker Briefcase, for a more business-look.

The Wallet

Did you know wallets were invented in the late 1600's? They came about as a convenient way to carry paper currency, and the first ones were made of leather. A durable leather wallet can last for over 10 years, and with time, will only look better with age—just like the groom.

A wallet is a great gift not only for a groom, but for the groomsmen as well. A nice wallet is hard to come by, and because leather lasts so long and ages well, it ends up being an extension of a man's personality.


The Clayton is a slim pocket wallet made to carry the essentials--for the guy that likes to keep things simple. To give this leather wallet an extra element, consider having it monogrammed with his initials or wedding date.


The Abera is our take on the classic bifold wallet, but made with the finest leather for long-lasting durability. Crafted to weather any storm, there's a reason this design is one of the most popular, and we made it even better.


The Meskel features everything you love about a bifold, but with added security of a natural brass zipper. Made for men on the move.

Wallets are an iconic gift almost any man would appreciate, especially if it's an upgrade in quality and style. For a more personal touch, consider getting one with a monogram to give it an extra layer of "classy." 

The Workspace

When Robert Propst invented the office cubicle in the 1960's, his goal was improving the mood and efficiency of the modern workplace. Though he later came to resent his own invention, the corporate "office" has come to be the subject of many studies, jokes, and even television shows. Where we work is too important to ignore, and with many people working at their favorite coffee shops or setting up an office space at home, it's the little things that make all the difference.

Now think about the transition from bachelorhood to the married life. The workspace is often a shared space, and the utmost care needs to be taken to ensure the groom, and the bride, love where they work. Besides, a gift the bride and groom can share is something most people don't think of—you might want to double up on these! 

The best part? These ideas are great for all budgets, and each one works as a standalone, unique gift, or as part of a gift set. 

Desk Mat

Transform any workspace into a unique, eye-catching surface. Spilled coffee? Forgot to use a coaster? A desk mat like the Gebeta solves all of that, and it frames the space so you can focus on working, and not on distractions. It even rolls up for working on the go!

For bonus points in style, leather pairs well with fine wood grain--check out this Laptop Stand from Yohann, another sustainable, eco-friendly brand we love.

Laptop Sleeve

When it comes to your most valuable tool, keep it pristine in both function and style. The perfect addition to any backpack or messenger bag, the Presidio Laptop Sleeve is a stylish way to keep your laptop or tablet from getting scuffed or dented. 

With the same concept in mind, we've made protective sleeves and covers for everything the modern man needs. Check out our Koda Notebook Cover, or for important documents, the Kibreab Leather Folder to give your groom a professional edge at the office.

Candles + Coffee

Stimulate the senses for maximum focus, and in great taste. Our Soy Candles are long-lasting, and our hand-poured candles are curated for scents that will carry over the relaxation from the honeymoon. Not to mention our authentic Ethiopian Coffee is the perfect gift for the groom to brew for his bride in the morning.

Or, for a perfect gift to enjoy at night, check out this hand-blown glass Decanter from Huckberry. The groom can pour the drinks, and the bride can grab our favorite Ethiopian Throw Blanket to relax by the fire. Just don't get the groom in trouble and forget the Coasters!

Wedding Gifts: More than Cufflinks 

There are tons of things to choose from when deciding on a gift. Etsy is a great resource for DIY keepsakes like bottle openers, tie clips and tie bars, and similar memorabilia. We're not downplaying these ideas at all—in fact, they make great mementos and groomsmen gifts! While there is definitely a place for getting someone cufflinks or a nice pocket watch, oftentimes those things are family heirlooms passed down. The gifts in this guide are interesting, unique offering that go above and beyond party gifts, in fact, you may find many of them on the wedding registry! Why not give the groom something he's already asked for, but of premium quality, and impeccable style? 

The wedding day, for the groom, is one of the proudest moments of his lifetime. This is your opportunity to give the groom even more things to show off for years to come. We think a gift that looks great isn't just about personal style, though. Perhaps more importantly, almost every gift we've mentioned is something they can, and will want to use and show off immediately! 

Giving a gift, especially for newlyweds, is all about expressing your joy and hope for the future. That's why we have two rules of gift-giving:

1) Every gift should be a thoughtful gift,


2) Every gift should be a personalized gift.

At Parker Clay, we've done just that. Everything we do stems from our mission to be a thoughtful business-—from fair wages to sustainable sources—and for us, it's personal. We believe in the power of giving, and you can continue that mission.