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10 Must-Have Gifts for People Who Work From Home

10 Must-Have Gifts for People Who Work From Home

10 Must-Have Gifts for People Who Work From Home

During the 2020 pandemic, we saw not only the rise of online shopping but also of well, just about everything online, including work. 

More people than ever are working from home, and that comes with both benefits and challenges. Far too often the "home office" really means the pillow lap desk, the couch cushion office chair, and keeping that webcam off during Zoom calls so nobody can see the nest you've created for yourself. 

Is your favorite remote worker still holding meetings while lying in bed when you feel they could benefit from a standing desk, some lumbar support, or even just a more organized desk space? Help your friends, family members, loved ones, or coworkers level up their home office game with these work-from-anywhere favorites in our Home Office-rs Gift Guide. 

Best Gifts for the Coffee Shop Addict 

Just because much of the world works remotely doesn't mean everyone is always working from home. Many people who work from home now enjoy working from — and do their best work at — their favorite coffee shops, cafes, and even co-working spaces. When working remotely, with a wi-fi connection and a laptop, anywhere can become an office. 

A Leather Laptop Sleeve

For people who work from home, keeping their laptops protected while on the go is key. The plush and zippable Sira Sleeve or the tough and minimalist Presidio Sleeve are great options to keep the work from home lifeline protected without sacrificing style.

A Quality Leather Backpack

Looking for something to hold more than just a laptop? Our Mari Backpack and Atlas Backpack are roomy enough to carry everything your favorite remote worker would need for the workday — including a laptop, charger, water bottle, and any other gadgets they may have.

Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Headphones

While coffee shops certainly have their perks, quiet and solitude are not on the list. Get them a pair of bluetooth noise-canceling headphones to block out coffee shop background buzz. Their productivity will thank you!  

Cord Tacos

What's more annoying than pulling your chargers out of your bag and finding them in a tangled mess? Our Mesa Cord Tacos are the unsung heroes of bag organization that the coffee shop office-r is sure to appreciate. 

Best Home Office Gifts for the Organized (or Those Who Need to Be)

There are two kinds of remote workers: those that have desk organizers and a home for everything from sticky notes to paperclips, and those who keep it just clean enough for the space that shows on-camera in their Zoom conference calls.

A Leather Desk Mat

For those who could benefit from a little structure in their home office space, look no further than the Gebeta Desk Mat. Made from premium, full-grain leather, it's the perfect foundation for a practical, organized, and beautiful office desk.

A Luxe Folder Set

Important things deserve to be organized, protected, and look good! The Kibreab Folder keeps documents and papers in one place and safe from spills while keeping a workspace neat and not just presentable, but stylish.

Office Accessories

Don't underestimate the little things! Sometimes the smallest annoyances can be enough to throw off the feng shui of a workspace. That's no good for productiveness or mental wellbeing. A stack of Cuyama Coasters, a wireless charger, or an Eyob Pencil Case can go a long way for keeping the "zone" clutter-free.

Work from Home Gift Ideas for the Fitness Junkie

For the fitness junkie, one of the perks of working from home is hitting the gym at 9AM instead of 5AM, or taking a break from the computer to refresh with a home yoga session. Check out these perfect gift ideas for your loved ones who like to keep moving.  

Yoga Mat + Strap

Although yoga mats should be replaced every 6-12 months, most people keep using their mats until they're worn thin. Chances are, your yogi needs a new mat too. Try this sustainable yoga mat and upgrade it with a premium Maleda Leather Yoga Strap for a touch of luxury.

Doorway Pull Up Bar

What better way to get the blood pumping than to pound out a few pull-ups? This portable iron pull-up bar is simple, adjustable, and totally versatile.

Belt Bag

With their phone tucked into our Desta Belt Bag, remote workers can head out for a stroll around the block to clear their heads, but without fear of missing a call.  

Unique Gift Ideas for the Remote Worker Who's Hard to Shop For

A Handwoven Throw Blanket

Is your favorite remote worker always complaining that they're cold? Our Afar Blanket (handwoven from 100% Ethiopian cotton) and Gabi Throw Blanket are great gifts for those days when they need a little extra bundling up. 

A Hammock Chair

By now, everybody knows that a stand-up desk is better for your body than sitting all day. But did you know that a hammock's zero-pressure point ergonomics reduce stress on your spine and joints? Skip the bulky desk this year and give your wellness-loving friend a chic hammock swing chair that will not only spruce up their home office but improve their health as well!    

A Leather Journal Cover

The Koda Journal Cover turns any notebook into the notebook, providing a timeless leather look and a handy writing surface on the go. It's perfect for everything from Zoom meeting notes and to-do lists to the next big entrepreneurial idea. And what's more, the cover is reusable (we believe in products that are made to last a lifetime) so with some Journal Inserts, there's always a place to jot down thoughts.

An Airtag + Case

Is he always asking for help finding his keys? Get him an Apple Airtag, a small tracker that attaches to keys or slips into a backpack so he can ping it from his iPhone anytime it goes missing. Starting at just $29, this nifty gadget means he'll never lose that item again. 

And make sure to get him a case to go with it. Our Pom Airtag Case is the perfect way to keep his new Airtag secure. With a sleek, modern look, it links on a keychain so he can keep track of his car keys, house keys.

Ethiopian Coffee

And, saving the most important for last, share the love of caffeine with our Ethiopian Whole Bean Coffee. People who work from home love sipping a morning cup (or afternoon pick-me up!) from their favorite coffee mug — so why not elevate it with some beans from the birthplace of coffee? Our factory in Addis Ababa has two firmly-scheduled coffee breaks every day, and making time to enjoy Ethiopian coffee is something we can all agree on. With notes of jasmine and orange, you don't have to do a full Ethiopian roasting ceremony to appreciate a cup — but if you do, please (please) send pics.

That does it for the Work From Home edition of our 2021 Gift Guide! For the remote workers, roaming entrepreneurs, or those struggling with a 2-in-1 office + daycare combo, just about anything on this list can contribute to a more functional, happier workspace. Give the gift of peace of mind this year, and remember, every purchase contributes to safe and stable employment in Ethiopia.