Product Care

Parker Clay uses premium Ethiopia leather that is prized for it's natural characteristics.  We hand select and finish our leather in such a way that allows the leather to get better with age and develop a natural patina over time and with every adventure.  As leather is a natural material, each product we produce has it's own unique characteristic and as such can have slight color and grain variations.  Our products will age with in stunning fashion that will only get better with time and use.  

Due to the quality and natural characteristics of our leather, minimal treatment is required.  As with any product, we recommend spot testing before using any cleaner or conditioner on your product.  We recommend a gentle cleaner/conditioner such as Saddle Soap, Neatsfoot oil, or Mink oil.  Keep in mind, a little goes a long way.  For some of our leather, you may see a waxy finish after sitting in transit, this is a natural trait of the tanning process and can simply be buffed out with a soft clean cloth.  If you have any questions about care please don't hesitate to reach out to us with further questions at