The Gabi Blanket

A Gabi Blanket in Ethiopian culture is so much more than just your average throw. They hold deep cultural significance and carry endless uses for both men and women, rich and poor. 
Most commonly Gabi Blankets are worn as clothing by Ethiopians, loosely draped over the head, shoulders, and upper body. They are also used as baby beds, mattresses, tents, a shroud for the deceased, and as room dividers - to name a few uses. Gabi Blankets are a symbol of eternal Ethiopia; a source of cultural pride and identity. 
Gabi Blankets are most commonly white, with bands of color woven in gold, silver, or red. In certain regions of Ethiopia, they might be brown or green.  
We invite you to cozy up by the fire this season with our very own Gabi Throw Blanket, handwoven in Ethiopia with ultra soft organic cotton by women in the Ellilta International program. May it become a symbol of togetherness, warmth, and peace this holiday season. 

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