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Q&A // Rosie from World Changer Co

Q&A // Rosie from World Changer Co

Deciding to shop responsibly isn’t effortless, but it is always rewarding. One woman, Rosie Roberts, founder of World Changer Co. has created a collection of companies that source sustainable products. Rosie was inspired by living in Hawaii and the culture’s dedication to caring for the environment. Now Rosie is based in Santa Barbara, and through World Changer Co, Rosie and her team make finding products that give back to the community accessible for the public. Rosie came into the Parker Clay shop and shared about her passion for shopping ethically. We love supporting our SB locals who are striving for impactful & quality fashion.

Enjoy reading a little about Rosie and World Changer Co!



What is one highlight that you’ve experienced through World Changer Co.?

Rosie: It's so hard to pick one highlight from my experience building World Changer Co., but I'd have to say being involved with the Fair Trade Fashion Show has been the most memorable opportunity that's come out of what I do. I've helped with this event in LA for the past two years. At the show, I was able to meet Orsola de Castro, the leader of the Fashion Revolution and Jennifer Garner. Both of them have been very inspirational to me.

Do you think that living in SB ( or Hawaii ) has fueled your passion for sustainability?

Rosie: Living in Hawaii has definitely caused me to be passionate about environmental causes and sustainability. When I'm back on the islands, I spend more time outside than indoors, so it's hard not to want to take care of my surroundings. In Hawaii, it's also so clear to see how much we rely on the earth and the ocean. This harmony between us and the environment is something we can't afford to mess with!


What is one of the greatest lessons you’ve learned since starting World Changer Co.?

Rosie: I am continually learning lessons from the brands I partner with and from fellow sustainability supporters. When I first started the website, I only required a brand to have ethical workplace practices to earn my support. I quickly learned how important it is for brands to use sustainable materials because plastics and inorganic materials hurt our soil and oceans, which goes back to hurting people. For me, it all goes back to caring about others all over the world, because who are we to pollute someone else's environmental surroundings including their soil and drinking water? This has to be the most valuable lesson I've learned through sustainable fashion.


At Parker Clay, we obviously LOVE creating products that are made responsibly, and we were spurred on by the relationships we formed in Ethiopia, how does relationship play a part in the World Changer Co. story?

Rosie: When it comes to ethical fashion, it is easy to get caught up in facts and numbers. Though the numbers can be shocking, the truth is that everyone's situations are unique. Getting to know different people in different parts of a supply chain is vital because we can get inspired and learn a lot from each other. We can't sit in the office and assume the best plan to help a community; we must go out and hear the perspectives of others involved in that community! This is why building relationships play a huge role in running a business and more importantly, in trying to make a positive change.

Your site is growing a lot! You are connecting many clients to amazing companies, did you think this would happen when you were dreaming up World Changers?

Rosie: I have a lot of ideas pop-up in my head, and when I decide to roll with an idea it's hard for me to imagine it not happening. I'm not sure how healthy that is, but it sure does help me to not give up on projects! When I thought of having a website that people all over the world could refer to when they need to know anything and everything about "sustainable fashion," I knew that it had to happen. Though the growth is exciting and there are people across the globe regularly checking out the website, it's not anywhere close to where I want it to be! I am excited to see where this new year takes us!

What would be your advice for a passionate shopper trying to change their closet to be sustainable?

Rosie: As much as I would like to tell everyone this is an easy choice, I can't. Shopping sustainably takes sacrifice and time. It is all so worth it, and I can say with complete honesty that it's an exciting journey! I get messages and comments all the time from people excited about receiving a paper straw at a coffee shop or hearing that their favorite brand just launched an organic line. Don't get me started about how fun it is to be a sustainability geek! Also, it is fulfilling to make a purchase that helps someone around the world. My advice to a shopper just beginning to choose sustainable brands is to accept the fact that it will take sacrifice, to see the beauty in that, and to not give up!

Rosie is making waves in the sustainable community! Be sure to check out World Changer Co & Parker Clay's spotlight section.