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Community Voices: Robin from The Balanced Life

Community Voices: Robin from The Balanced Life

Meet Robin

Founder/CEO of The Balanced Life

Mom of four, "accidental entrepreneur" turned founder
& CEO, and master of all things moderation & minimalism, Robin is the very definition of balance. We chatted New Year's resolutions, self-care, and her must-have accessories!



Hey Robin, Happy New Year! Why don't we introduce you first to those who haven't had the pleasure?

Hi! My name is Robin Long. I’m a mom of 4 little ones (8, 6, and 3-year-old twins). I’ve been married to my husband Matt for 12 years and we live and work in Santa Barbara, California (a lifelong dream come true!) I’m also the founder and CEO of The Balanced Life - a health & wellness company that provides convenient access to on-demand Pilates workouts, while redefining the way we look at fitness, food, and every facet of our lives. We provide our community with curated workouts, content, and coaching that embraces the idea of grace over guilt.


Now that we’re entering a new year — is there an intention you set for yourself? 

I have many intentions for the year ahead, but the first one that comes to mind is letting go of the temptation to hold tight to control. When I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, my tendency is to control as much as I possibly can. While this can help me to feel better, it can be an exhausting endeavor and ultimately an illusion. So as I go into a new year, I’m focusing a bit more on “surrendering and allowing” and seeing how that feels. I’ll let you know how it goes. :) 

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? How do you find time for self-care while running a business and caring for your four little ones? Do you have any tips to share?

My entrepreneurship journey grew out of passion for Pilates and a desire to help more women experience the benefits. You could say I’m a bit of an “accidental entrepreneur” but I think I’ve always had it in me to pursue an unconventional career and think outside the box. My dad has been an entrepreneur my whole life so watching him create new business ideas throughout my childhood definitely had an impact on  me as well. 

Growing a business while growing our family has definitely been a challenge, but it’s also been such a blessing. While the demands have increased year after year, I’ve been grateful for the flexibility that my work allows for (especially throughout the pandemic!). The expression of self-care shifts regularly based on my season of life. I’ve learned to remain flexible as the needs of our children change, the demands of my work change and my capacity changes. I do my best to embrace the ebb and flow of the seasons. I focus on short Pilates workouts that have a big impact on both my body and mind, I try to prioritize sleep and I choose “grace over guilt” on a daily basis when things don’t go as planned. 

The Balanced Life  — what was the inspiration behind the name? We read that you strive to be a minimalist. Is this something you incorporate into your everyday life?

The Balanced Life was initially the name of a blog I started while teaching Pilates and working one-on-one with clients. I wanted to share a different approach to health & wellness, one that doesn’t require perfection or extremes. One that embraces balance in all areas and allows for us to successfully care for our health through the many seasons and transitions of life.

I take a similar approach to minimalism - aiming to find a balance that represents my desire to live more simply, while also accommodating the reality of life as a family of six. Our home is certainly not stark or sparse (you will likely step on a Nerf dart or a sippy cup when walking through the living room), but I strive to be intentional with our belongings and try to reduce clutter as much as possible.


Outside of work, what are some creative outlets that keep you inspired? 

In this season of life, I don’t have much time for outlets outside of work and family. Those two things take up the majority of my time and headspace! Thankfully, I find a lot of creative fulfillment in both my career and also my family life. I love creating a sense of home that supports our family’s needs - simple things like organizing, refreshing, decorating and decluttering brings me joy. I also love to travel and get outside as a family. We go to the beach regularly, go for hikes, and love exploring our home town.

How do you define community? What is the power of community to you? 

Community is about support and connection. Whether small or large, the power of community reminds you that you’re not alone. I’ve experienced community in a variety of ways and while the details may be different, I’m always left feeling less alone on my journey which is incredibly powerful.

What specifically makes you proud to be a part of the Parker Clay community?

I love being a part of the Parker Clay community because of the shared values and vision for making the world a better place while creating and appreciating beauty along the way. The Parker Clay community is a community with heart, and it’s a joy to be a part of it.




Any favorite Parker Clay product/s?

I have SO many favorite Parker Clay products it’s impossible to choose just one! But my most used/loved products are the Merkato Tote, Miramar Backpack and Soto Belt Bag. They are all functional, beautiful and timeless. 


What is one small way you work to effect positive change each day?

By practicing kindness - both toward myself or others. 


What is one hope you have for the future?

I have a strong hope that all people will know the true measures of their strength, courage and worth. I hope that more people will have convenient access to the tools and resources they need to care for their mental and physical health, regardless of their circumstances. 


Anything exciting you would like to share? Upcoming launches or promotions?

Yes! We’re currently offering a 7-day free trial to The Balanced Life Sisterhood - our online Pilates membership program. When you join, you get instant access to monthly workout calendars, 200+ on-demand Pilates workouts, 450+ healthy recipes, and a competition-free community!